I've discovered these organs can be picked up cheap on eBay. I reckon could be good for some 'time out' and I reckon my son would like it. Sometimes gotta think 'out of the box'. Could be fun:)
I too went to the hairdresser yesterday which made me feel better. I went to hubby afterwards. Am going to Gloucester Docks on Tuesday with my friend. Admittedly I take comfort knowing my daughter visits him. However, I kick the guilt monster away, even though the blighter fights me. I fight back!!...
Caring is very stressful we all know that being carers ourselves. I guess Carol has changed her mind about speaking. It is hard to speak. I didn't read the original post maybe she's new to caring. I hope she is able to sort something out as with the services they'll take their time and they don't ca...
Annoying isn't it Colin mine closed and I received a check two days later. It's taken me 3 weeks to get it to a branch 6 miles away (nearest one).
Every carer needs 'me time' you know short bursts doing something not to do with caring. I went to the hairdresser t'other day and now I'm almost human again. What do you do on these mini time outs? Do you get time out?
Every time I read this thread why are social workers so vilified I die laughing choking on my cup of tea...Why is this I wonder?
I found this when my son was in hospital. They ruined his blanket so I always washed his stuff weekly myself while he was in there.
I think it's against the Law not to allow workers time off.
Oh boy, Chris, I think you know this one's my specialty. I have already got my teeth into this.They are starting to sweat now.
https://50shadesofcaregiver.wordpress.c ... nual-2017/
Birmingham City Council really is disgusting. I am a carer and they don't even provide a carers grant for a break away and now they have taken to leaving everyone's household garbage in the streets uncollected for almost 5 weeks in this second City. Causing giant rats to come and maggot infestations...