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George441 wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:51 pm
I hope the vaccine will work properly.
I agree and that's the question, will it work properly or have bad effects/ risks
The problem is, we who are carers have been forcibly made, not to be recognised, by the very services being clapped and recognised firstly as more important.
Melly1 wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:17 pm
Yes same here, Charm. Though like BB we don't receive a support or any service from them either.

Hiya Melly, I am totally ignored as in personally by these...and he is but I have ensured he gets home care via 117.
bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 4:36 pm
No, but they are useless anyhow and largely ignore me, as I'm only M's mother and don't live with him any more, so they apparently assume that I don't care for him!!
I know the exact feeling Bowlingbun. A totally useless service to say the least.
A letter was sent out from the learning disability service stating it was closing due to coronavirus. It was sent to my son who can’t read or write telling him his professional will contact him. Of course, who that might be, is also a mystery, as this Nhs trust service has denied him service for a p...
My son had a letter today telling him the Nhs learning disability services are temporally closing due to coronavirus. This leaves 1000's of patients high and dry with only the L.A. to contact in an emergency. Has anyone else received a letter like this to say their area learning disability service a...
Looks like my great-granddaughter is on the way and will be here soon. My granddaughter has gone into hospital. Thinks her waters have broken and is being assessed right now. Meanwhile, I have my great-grandson here for the night. :D
Thing is Bill if they don't start wising up, then nobody will be prepared to take on unpaid care. At the moment, the whole situation is a joke.
They should be increasing carers allowance to £400.00 a week for a standard 35 hr week and in addition, increasing it to £15.00 an hr for any hrs over 35 hrs.
This whole situation is echos of when DWP/government first began their crusade against the unemployed/disabled some years ago, the few who spoke out about it were fobbed off as conspiracy loons and all the rest, more than a decade on some 100,000+ claimants deceased as a result of government policy...