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Thank you, ladies, for sharing your loving, positive and valuable posts and helping me to see other views and another perspective :) :) :) Love to all of you and best wishes .
As you can tell having a mixed and match feelings day today :blink:
Mum used to be such an active lady and did so much in our village, contributed to the community and enjoyed walking and being active. She's restricted to pottering in her garden on a good day , reading, watching TV and has lost her independence :( Fortunately she has a good group of friends here and...
When Mum is sleeping and I've caught up with any household chores, I am currently reading Kate Morton's The Lake House. :)
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your Mum, Penny. Glad for you both that you were able to be with her at the end and sending love and a ((HUG)) for you at this time . Best regards, Sue
Hi Glyn, thank you for sharing your poem with us. Relate to your words and also know the power of the written word to help with dealing with feelings and emotions as have been writing a personal journal for a while. I'm new here too and please know you've come to the right place where others includi...
Hi Andy, pleased to meet you and thank you for your kind advice. Glad you've also joined and best wishes. :)
Hi Andrew and welcome to the forum. I'm Sue and new here too. I look after and care for my Mom who has a rare stroke disorder. You have definitely come to the right place where we can all relate to and understand one another.

Take care and best wishes

Thank you so very much for your discussion forum post. You showed a lot of bravery and courage. Thank you for taking such good care of your mom. I know for a fact that being a caregiver is hard work. My mom has alzhiemer's disease and I help take care of her. The tips that I can give you to help yo...
Thank you, everyone, for your valuable help and so glad to have joined. Do so appreciate all the help and information and will be checking it out and getting going . Mum owns the house so yes need to check that side of things too.