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Hi, hope the rant worked and you feel better now ((HUGS)) . Best wishes, sometimes you just gotta let it out :)
How come can some family members and friends be sending and giving advice from a distance about what could be done better yet don't see any of them coming to visit :( :mad:

Feeling down and useless today, sorry :(
Like the real sunshine and nice weather we've had recently but don't care for when it gets humid or muggy in the evening's ..
Hi and welcome to the forum MDB! Hope you will find friendships and all the information/advice you need :D

Best wishes , Sue
Hi Christine, welcome to the forum and my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your son..((HUGS)) . Hope that being with other carers on this forum will be of help to you with caring loving advice and friendships along the way as you care for your other son .

Best wishes,

@ Penny , Hi, read Girl on A Train sometime ago, it's a good thriller and hope you enjoy it :)

@ Charles - Thanks, will look out for them, sound good :D

Meanwhile, one chapter of the Lake House to go and though not as good as some of Kate Morton's others, glad persevered all the same :)
Just when thought had the mystery solved it got going in a different direction ! :D :lol:
Hi Anne,

Welcome to the forum and you have come to the right place. Friendly people,sound advice and a place to go whenever you need to talk or sound out your emotions . :)

Take care and best wishes

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for the wonderful advice and most certainly will take this to heart and love and ((HUGS)) to you for your MIL.

Kind regards.

Hi Gemma and welcome to the forum ((HUG)). Although not in the same situation as yourself, I am looking after and caring for my Mom and have only recently in the last week joined the forum . Such friendly, helpful advice, info and welcomes and from your replies, glad to see you are finding this foru...