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It seems to me that you need to spell out exactly what part of your situation makes it unreasonably difficult for you to do jury service. In my case it was less that I'm a carer, and more that I'd cost a lot in expenses and keep having to leave the court room because of my caring responsibilities. B...
I haven't heard of it either.
Cold heartless ignorant politician shot.


Pakora or fajita?
I was called for jury service a few years ago, the letter arrived over christmas, and you can probably imaging the panic it caused. Once I'd calmed down (strong tea, chocolate and sleep work wonders) I replied explaining that, while I was honoured to be asked, I would have to bring my disabled husba...
Can I call upon you dear people again? Does anyone know anything about wet rooms or simialr? In particular I am wondering if a wet room can be made form a very small existing shower room.<snip> I don't see why not. The wetroom here (on a reinforced concrete floor) used to be a bathroom with a short...
<t>"I am assuming you know about the ME Association?"<br/> I do, and there's nothing they can do for this.<br/> <br/> "Just throwing an idea in here which may be relevant......has your husband had any new medication in the last two years?"<br/> Metformin for borderline type 2 diabetes.<br/> <br/> Ro...
You know what?

Based on how things have been for the last 2 years, I'm seriously thinking about walking away. Except that I'd be homeless and have next to no chance of finding work. Image
<snip>Carpet or laminate flooring Image
Laminate in the kitchen or bathroom, carpet elsewhere.

Roller blades or skateboard?
Saw logs evenly every Tuesday