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This might sound familiar to other lone carers. Recently I had to attend my brother's wedding, and it meant 3 days and tow nights away. My husband was invited too, but the journey (let alone the celebration) would have caused a serious relapse). So I had to leave him at home. I did what I could in a...
<t>I've had migraines most of my life, but have reduced the frequency a lot since being able to avoid one of my triggers. My husband has moderate-severe ME as well as migraines with no obvious trigger.<br/> <br/> In both cases, what really helps is learning to notice the signs that an attack is in t...
Slightly belated congarts to you and your wife, Jimbo. Image
Granted. They've disappeared forever, but so have you.

I wish that I could learn languages as easily as I used to.
reading that again Gary, if you are paying for Sky because they offer a service that enables you to be on an equal footing with someone who does NOT have a hearing loss, it would surely be covered under the Disability Discrimination Act? If subtitles are not as easily available elsewhere,then to en...
It's not really by Pam Ayres. John Summers wrote it, in the style of Pam Ayres.

Still funny and well written, for all that.
Oh take! Image

Paddling pool full of water in a shady spot?
<snip>ive been firm but nice stating I need some space. I'm planning a day out 2moro with my daughter, nice picnic. And going focus on myself..
Good for you, stand your ground on that, and have a lovely day tomorrow. Image
<t>Sometimes, what I'd like is for somebody to ask how I am. And if I give the socially acceptable answer, for them to reply with something like "don't give me that, how are you really?"<br/> <br/> I'd like there to be recognition that actually I have more than 2 braincells to rub together, and acce...
Crows are ravens' dull siblings.