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[quote]Would it be a good idea when posting, if people spelt out their commonly abbreviated words when they first use them? Cos not all of us know what each other's abbreviations relating to them, mean.

could it mean - A bit of sense?
O.K. T.T.F.N.
ok taa taa for now.
<t>I agree with Garyo, why was the flag blowing when there is no wind up their and how did they fit a moon buggy the size of a qash qui up into a capsule thats only big enough for three people tightly squashed together. they did not have the technology that they have now, and so everytime they spoke...
<t>Had to laugh at that comment GaryO, which reminds me of when my mum and dad were walking round a market with my nephew who was 3 at the time, <br/> My dad stopped to buy some Bird food and bought some fat balls, <br/> then my nephew; without realising what he was saying; ran to his Nana who was a...
You could also try to ring NHS Direct the number is 0845 46 47 they will be able to help and get an on call doctor to ring you back within the hour, if that don't work ring 999 and ask for an ambulance or paramedic.
Look up the number for the dwp - department for work and pensions and ask about DLA and carers allowance.
I guess you are talking about the squirrell as you put a picture of one and wrote under it, so maybe he thought you were bending over and stealing his nuts (that were hidden so carefully)
<t>I think that the way children swear is disgraceful and it's because there is no longer any discipline any more, when I was little I got a smack for swearing and was told I wasn't aloud to say words like that till I was 18 years old, so I never did, when I got to 18 I said a swear word and was tol...
Winter is on it way, and it will be gone as quickly as it arrived, it's the time of the year to sit down and enjoy a nice hot bowl of Heinz Tomato soup, mmmmm yumm!!
Sorry to hear about your loss, hope things work out with your fil my thoughts and prayers are with you.