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Can anyone call time immediately

you're probably write bowlingbum I too would think that was what nananana mean't, didn't know what ATOS was until rick told me. Now I think you are right.
Thankyou for posting this as it might be helpful to my carer.
Thanks for posting this Rosemary it made very interesting reading.
Your doctor and the Hospital were wrong to tell you there are no drugs for MS but other things like St Johns Wort can be helpful too and other herbal remedies and some people can get a cannabis spray for pain but it has to be prescribed by the doctor.
there are lots of people who have experience with MS including me as I have had it now for 11 years.

ask anything you want to I'll do my best to help
Hi johnrj

I was diagnosed with MS on 31 October 2001, any help you need just ask.
<t>I suffer from relapsing remitting MS and I was diagnosed on 31 October 2001, I had a few relapses, but in 2005 I had a drug called Campath 1H, this drug has not been passed by the government yet so I was a guinea pig, trying it to see if it worked, It's a three yearly dose, my 1st dose was in 200...
I think maybe I need to see my GP, to see if I can get a higher dose of anti-depressants as I think this might help to make me feel not so bad about myself.
you didn't say if the DLA is care of mobility

I get DLA highest rate mobility and medium rate care, and with highest rate mobility we were allowed to get a mobility car, and mobility takes care of everything from Tax to new headlight bulbs, all we have to do is put the fuel in.