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<t>great your colleague apologised yes, and i hope he feels bad about what he said. trouble is apology or not, these things can stick in your head for ages and make you feel bad, even if like you there is absolutely nothing to feel bad about. hold that head up high, and be proud of what you do. x</t>
just makes one concerned about all those that do not have family members to fight their corner like you Eun.
welcome to the forum Lesley. You can say anything on here and not be judged only understood. Obviously i don't know too much about your situation, but just to hear that you are caring for your grandad is amazing in itself. pam x
have a wonderful day rosemary. you are one of the special people in this world. pam xx
<t>i find that some days mums alarm frightens her. the box that sits in the room with the red light on seems to frighten her as i find it difficult to get her to understand what it is. she has often unplugged this thus making her link line useless. well thats not quite true it does have a battery ba...
i hope you had a great day matt. xx
just a thought, is it possible that your mum could be depressed. your comment about her sitting in the dark and not getting up to put the light on made me think this. x
<t>i too have a mum who refuses to eat. eats just every now and again, how she is keeping alive i do not know. i cannot force feed her any more than you could force feed your mum and that social worker should be disciplined for talking to you like that. please don't let that comment stick in your mi...
yes, definitely two days celebrations. happy birthday bowlingbun. x
happy birthday RobinRedBreast. I hope you are having a good one. xxx Image Image Image