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<t>well, mum has been in the care home almost a week now. best place i could find in the area. nice bright room overlooking the garden. staff lovely, or those i have met so far are and i am sure they all are. only 22 residents.<br/> <br/> as for mum, well very unhappy really. saying all the time she...
don't worry, it meant i could laugh twice instead of just once. great post. Image Image
Good luck with that Eun, you put a good letter (email) together.
thank you susie, i understand what you are saying. pam x
thank you rosemary that was very useful. I have printed off the information from the Alzheimers Association together with their tick list of things to ask and check when visiting a home.

pam x
<t>just had confirmation from social worker that mum cannot/should not continue to live on her own as she would be at a significant risk.<br/> Social worker has assessed her in hospital and does not think she has an understanding of her situation or even the fact that she is in hospital.<br/> <br/> ...
yes anne, we do seem to being following along the same route with our poor mums.

social worker was supposed to be visiting my mum in hospital today, but last i heard she had not been.

mum still very confused, but eating or so she says.

pam xx
will do rosemary. thank you. xx
yes i agree bowlingbun, and something i am becoming concerned about. a formal mental capacity assessment, has to involve everybody concerned. gps, hosp. drs. family as well as s.s. Perhaps thats what s.w. is intending to do at the hosp. speak to drs. there. we will see.
<t>yes thank you treez, mum does receive all her benefits, and because of that money is not a huge issue.<br/> we found her flat on the floor when we went yesterday. said she had been there for hours, but who knows really. she did not have her link line on, and although the phone being on a coffee t...