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i tried getting a quote from uw for electricity ,but their site won't accept my postcode Image Image .
Then you've had a very lucky escape! Image
Gary, you and me will have to agree to differ on UW then. Of course. I thought we already did that last year. LOL http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_wink.gif I've PROVED beyond doubt that they are and have REMAINED cheaper than other companies. Only to yourself perhaps but not to me. I'll just hav...
GaryO did his best to disprove my claims with statistics, but all I can give you is my own experiances with ''Utility Warehouse''. LOL My "statistics" I posted were facts and also truths to dispel the myths and lies UW claim. My son and two friends of mine were with UW and all three of them have no...
does your banner mean "Soap/puzzles not illegitimate"
Loosely translated - "Don't let the b*st**ds grind you down."
[quote]I seem to recall walking across those stepping stones as a child]
Sorry, it wasn't Yorkshire.
It was Ogmore Castle, South Wales, not far south of Bridgend.

The They Shall Never Grow Old photo looks like the cemetery at Boddlewithin. It's the Polish War Memorial at Newark. The apple in water is stunning. Thank you. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif Where's the waterfall? Maybe North Wales? South Wales. Can't remember exactly where now but i...
I really like your avatar photo. Did you take it yourself, or did you download it. Thanks Sajehar. I took it myself as a competition entry on a photo forum for the theme "Contra Jour" and entitled it "A Pinch of Light" http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif The full version is on my website ...
How does he do it???
Simple. With a camera. Image
thanks rosemary ,i will get the hang of posting one of these days. Image
You've been a member nearly 5 years so you have no hope! Image
I rather think David C will like this one too....