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Tbh I never thought of my laptop over heating and causing a fire Image
I suppose these new Tablets would be better as they do get hot but rarely overheat x

Booksey- do u know where I could get one of those tables by any chance? X
Happy Birthday no1 xxxx Image
Happy Birthday x.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X Image
<t>Totally, agree with the above post about this forum being for unpaid carers and not for care workers!<br/> Anyway though, ask your employer about your tattoo, tell them them the size and type of tattoo your getting. Explain to them what the tattoo is about or be a picture of as well x<br/> If you...
Welcome Julie x
There's great people here that will give you loads of advice and support, you'll never feel alone on here lol xxx
<t>I've been following the The Dilnot Review and can't believe that the government didn't go with his plan, it would only have cost one one-thousandth of public spending! But instead the government says they need to time to consider the cheaper options and even if they had gone with Dilnot, it would...
All done xxx
I have to say with all the fire the government is aiming at the elderly recently, I do fear getting old.
If it's this bad now what's it going to be like in 40 years time Image
<t>Hi and welcome x<br/> <br/> I applied for income support some years ago after I starting getting CA, you won't have to attend any work related stuff, as your a full time carer. The women at the job Centre said to me that carers are working technically so your exempted. They may see if your circum...
I am livid with Cameron! I'm 20 and this means I won't be able to move out for a very long time. I don't know wether this is intentional but he's aiming a lot at under 25's recently, and what about those under 25's who do work but are on low incomes and just need a little housing benefit to help the...