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Hi nicola and a warm welcome from me too.
You sound a lovely caring person, your friend is lucky to have you.
Love Phoebe x
Hi Doobers, and welcome. you certainly have a lot on your plate,
love Phoebe xxx


<t>Hi everybody, how are you all doing? Hubs' 1st anniversary tomorrow, had massive meltdown at work tues, was no use to man nor beast and spent about 3 hours iin the tea room just crying, luckily lovely work friends looked after me.<br/> stay strong, and lots of love to all you wonderful brave peop...
Nana, that's really lovely. I got a bit depressed about the garden because it upset me to do it on my own, and it got a bit overgrown which made me feel guilty. But a friend who is a gardener has come round to help and it looks great now and I can keep on top of it
love Phoebe xxxxx
<t>Hi Tracey, and welcome to the forum<br/> Sorry no practical advice to add to susie's and no1 mum's, as I am a former carer to my mum and husband, but one thing I have learnt that it's imperative you look after your self as well as others,<br/> hope you find the support you need, speaking to the c...
Hi Dawn, and welcome to the forum.
I know it's easier said than done, but you must look after yourself as well.
((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) to you and hope things get better,
Love Phoebe xx
<t>Hi Everyone, think am getting less stressed with new site, We'll see when/if I manage to post this lol.<br/> Bigbear- I'm also going through loads of anniversaries, just had Mum's birthday, and yesterday was Hubs' birthday(again the first one for me too). Got through the day reasonably well thank...
Was Mum's birthday yesterday, put some bedding plants on her grave and wished her happy birthday.
Went then to Hub's grave (in the same cemetary) and they have now put his headstone up.
It's lovely, just what he would want

Phoebe xxxxxx
Hi Mrleebob
and welcome,

phoebe xx
Hi Michelle,
and welcome
Phoebe xx