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Christine, Does your Mother get Attendance Allowance? Why is your brother living bill free in your Mother's house, I hope your mother isn't still paying all the household bills?
Hi Christine, When my Mum lived with me in my house she too had 4x2 carer visits, Mum had to pay about £70 per week towards the care costs, this was out of her pensions & Attendance Allowance, but she was still left with roughly £190 per week, I can't imagine how you could be expected to top up home...
Just Info, not medications, think my husband would need a bucket for all his medications!!
Hello Albert. I have one of those bottles in the fridge for my husband. We were given it by our Admiral Nurse. It seems a very sensible & practical scheme.
Hello Sylvia, I have a similar problem with my husband, he has Vascular Dementia. He has very sleepy periods when he doesn't talk at all, the last period has been going on for 10 days. Husband used to be very loud & shouting for me all the time & now I miss that so much. Husband will just stare at m...
I would ask at your doctor's surgery. I know my Husband can get 350ml x 10cm supplied. On the leg bag he uses it says what sizes are available.
In my Mum's case (as She was LA funded) there was an assesement done, which meant Mum had to pay her state & private pension less PEA. So her pensions were paid as usual into her bank account and she was billed by LA every 4 weeks for care, so PEA is left in the account.
My husband has an in-situ sling, can be left on for up to 3 hours, so can be handy, he doesn't find it too hot, but I think the material could possibly make that a problem for some people.
Both my Husband's mobility scooters & electric wheelchair had a charging point in the armrest as well as on the actual battery. It might be worth checking on your Dad's scooter in case there is one on his armrest.
Hi George

Our last social worker thought it quite acceptable for me to care for my 82 year old Mum & 84 year old Husband when they were both confined to wheelchairs. That must take some training, mind you the working hours seem very good!!!!