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I don't see anything intrinsically wrong in not using a bath.
My wife never uses one and sits on a seat and slowly washes herself all
over with a flannel and loofah.
Better this than her having a fall. Needs must.
I cannot help directly but the government web site about
Court of Protection may help you.
There are some useful looking links and a search box.

Thanks for that. The car park I had in mind is very big with no designated disabled parking bays although disabled parking is free ! Of course, one cannot park on yellow lines in a town using the passenger's blue badge and then go off shopping leaving the disabled passenger in the car. I wonder how ...
I was wondering about this..........
Consider a Council car park where blue badge holders can park for free.

I drive in with my passenger, who has the blue badge, but as I am not disabled
I need to pay for parking.

Is that correct?
Elaine wrote:Ok Albert, we'll annoy each other but still friends I hope?
'We was' friends and still are. :)
Elaine wrote:Melly1,
Adding another. People who say 'We was' and 'I were'.
My wife has spent the last 55 years trying to stop me saying 'We was.'
All to no avail. It's kinda stuck in my mind and will not shift.
So I guess I will continue to get on your goat. :D
Thanks all.
There is a government web site that bears out one can park for 3 hours on double lines providing they are not in a 'no loading zone.'

So I cannot load(!) my wife into my lorry there. :D
All the web sites about blue badge parking I have looked at seem to indicate one can park on double yellow lines for up to 3 hours and where there are no loading restrictions.
So I wonder what is allowed?
Melly1 wrote:Inconsiderate neighbour's playing loud music, so that wherever I am in my house I can't escape a noise I don't want to listen too. This is happening right now and happened last Monday afternoon on my day off too.

I've always called that 'Audio litter'
Thanks for all that. Most reassuring.

It will certainly help as her dentist is in a road with double yellow lines
and nearest car park is 1/4 mile away.

She refuses to use the wheelchair I bought
her so slowly walking 1/4 mile with a walker is out.