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Chris From The Gulag wrote:For the carer army , it's extremely difficult to see where any help is going to come from.
Maybe we should form a Trade Union? ......
MOCS. Mug of Carers Society. :)
With my wife I don't think it is physical deafness.

If I say something to her, she doesn't respond.
But if I attract her attention and repeat what I said
in exactly the same way at same volume she can hear me.

It's as though she needs to get her brain into gear before hearing ?
That actually made me laugh Albert because one of my friends calls me Cinders for that very reason!!! I'm very glad that I made you laugh. You deserve all the laughs you can get. This may bring another smile.... When in Tesco and the check out girl asks me if I have a club card, I say, "Only hearts...
I am reminded of Cinderella and the ugly sisters!

Let's hope that Social services help, not exactly
Prince Charming, but some support for you.

I care for my wife and sometimes wish I had a
sister or two to help me.
Now reading this.................
Paying lip service next week as usual.
I have read that as we age our sense of thirst gets less.
When young we get thirsty and drink but not so
as we age.
Hence hydration is always a possible
problem unless we make ourselves drink although
not thirsty.
My wife has just come out of hospital having suffered a broken hip bone. Next day a chap from my LA came and offered us 3 carers a day to come and help my wife. Fortunately she can wash and mostly dress herself so I turned down the offer but thought it commendable that my LA was so prompt in offerin...
People ask if I had a nice Xmas probably knowing it was unlikely. Some in the village say," If there is anything I can do, let me know. "But what can they do I ask myself? How much is 'anything?' Housework/ironing/shopping, what? So I never ask them to do anything and the wife and I continue on our ...
Out of curiosity, what would happen if one refused to take someone
back or transfer them out of a care home to another ?

They couldn't chuck them out onto the street so
what would the care home do?
I get many PC scams. Sometimes I go along with them with my PC off and eventually they ask what it says on the screen and I reply," You scum ought to be in prison."