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I have read that as we age our sense of thirst gets less.
When young we get thirsty and drink but not so
as we age.
Hence hydration is always a possible
problem unless we make ourselves drink although
not thirsty.
My wife has just come out of hospital having suffered a broken hip bone. Next day a chap from my LA came and offered us 3 carers a day to come and help my wife. Fortunately she can wash and mostly dress herself so I turned down the offer but thought it commendable that my LA was so prompt in offerin...
People ask if I had a nice Xmas probably knowing it was unlikely. Some in the village say," If there is anything I can do, let me know. "But what can they do I ask myself? How much is 'anything?' Housework/ironing/shopping, what? So I never ask them to do anything and the wife and I continue on our ...
Out of curiosity, what would happen if one refused to take someone
back or transfer them out of a care home to another ?

They couldn't chuck them out onto the street so
what would the care home do?
I get many PC scams. Sometimes I go along with them with my PC off and eventually they ask what it says on the screen and I reply," You scum ought to be in prison."
As the population is getting older more are having key safes fitted. Many are fitted by local council social services who will have the code to open them. I do wonder how secure this council knowledge is? Anyone had any experience in having social services security key locks fitted over some years.....
Has anyone used one of these? They are very pricey (about £400!), but look
to be the best solution to transfer the disabled from
wheelchair to car and back again.
Shove a penny or two on income tax and ring fence it for
care. Job done!

(make the ring fence a new law if necessary)
My wife uses a chamber pot kept beside the bed at night so she never has
to go to the bathroom.

It is even easier for a man to use one than for a woman to use one.
He can stand or crouch or even use it in bed. A smallish jar might be better in bed though.
Less chance of any spillage !
oh the one thing I didn't think about was sitting on it, I think there is zero chance she'll manage that, we have MAJOR issues with raised chairs let alone an unadjustable stair lift. She's unable to sit with her legs straight down they have to go outwards I have a feeling this could be a MAJOR iss...