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If she wanders off whilst cooking or showering maybe a simple lock
on the door to the room she is in ?
I've written to Carers UK pointing out that some of us have do not have families.

Maybe in future they will then have a possibility of entering
'no family' instead of having to lie about it. So ridiculous.
I have filled it in but they assume things that are not so. They ask how caring has affected relationship with family and require an answer ! But I have no family at all so had to lie about family relationship which doesn't exsist just to finish the entry. Why do people think that everyone has a fam...
Hi Nicholas Think carefully about the type of dog you choose, nothing too bouncy or vocal LOL. Don't know how old your mother is but it's not only mats and carpets that the elderly can trip over. Maybe get a dog that stands out from the colour of carpets etc or put a florescent coat on it. :)
Hey you lot, stop skiving and scubaring and get back
to caring ! :lol:
Chris From The Gulag wrote:For the carer army , it's extremely difficult to see where any help is going to come from.
Maybe we should form a Trade Union? ......
MOCS. Mug of Carers Society. :)
With my wife I don't think it is physical deafness.

If I say something to her, she doesn't respond.
But if I attract her attention and repeat what I said
in exactly the same way at same volume she can hear me.

It's as though she needs to get her brain into gear before hearing ?
That actually made me laugh Albert because one of my friends calls me Cinders for that very reason!!! I'm very glad that I made you laugh. You deserve all the laughs you can get. This may bring another smile.... When in Tesco and the check out girl asks me if I have a club card, I say, "Only hearts...
I am reminded of Cinderella and the ugly sisters!

Let's hope that Social services help, not exactly
Prince Charming, but some support for you.

I care for my wife and sometimes wish I had a
sister or two to help me.
Now reading this.................
Paying lip service next week as usual.