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Carers UK Forum - Search
I wonder how old the oldest carer here is?
I care for my wife and I am coming up to 84.

........"I don't have a care in the World." :lol:
With all the extended news coverage we get now on radio/TV
I cannot recall anything about how dementia is handled in the
poor developing countries.
Time for a program about this or did I miss it?
Who could stop them marrying? Surely no one in the early stages
of it.
Folk with Downs Syndrome do marry.
If two patients decided to get married how would that work?
Because neither would remember where the church was! :lol:
I log in to this forum and tick the 'remember me' box.
But it never does as I have to log in each day.
........Now, if I was 50 years younger and un married !! :lol:
You will also need a passport type photograph of the applicant.

If they find difficulty in getting to a passport photo booth take a digital photo
of their face. You can then download it to web sites that will then
print it out for you as a passport photo. Google to find them.
Albert you might see them walking "briskly" on the way in but do you see what they are like when they come back to the vehicle. Eun Yes I do. I go weekly to a large DIY store with a café overlooking the car park so can I sit overlooking the disabled bay just below..... .....where my own car is park...
It's not only parking without a blue badge.
Many is the time I have seen someone use a blue badge
and walk away briskly without any impediment.

They could easily park elsewhere and so free up a
disabled parking bay for someone who has great
difficulty in walking.
Coming back to what I think was your original question I have a box and pendant similar to what BB is describing for Dad. The phone socket in the wall is connected to the intenet filter thing which is connected to the lifeline box and the phone is then plugged into the lifeline box. On our Tunstall...