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Maybe with the increasing aging population it's time for a
medical disposal bin to be installed at every site where
one can dispose of bottles.

But then, I suppose, it would all go to landfill again anyway.
My wife uses a 90x60 cm bed pad each night.
I dispose of them in the black bin.

Is this the best way?
I did upload one or two CDs on Amazon but have never played and them and don't have proper speakers on my laptop. Just spotted this. Good quality extension speakers are available for laptops. Many have a bass speaker too so the quality is far, far superior to the tiny speakers built into laptops. I...
This NHS site looks useful for various types of help
including medication for incontinence.
http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Incontinen ... tment.aspx

As well as nurses is your doctor in the loop too?
That is my problem, family members.
I ain't got nun :D
No close friends either, so it's only the LA who can respond.

Your mobile idea is a good one though. Thanks.
I will contact Tunstall to see what they offer. As my wife gets confused she could press the alarm without any cause. I wouldn't wish the LA to be dragged out in the middle of the night for nothing.........waking me up! :lol: So if call centre could speak directly to her when in bed if ever alone, i...
Cannot make any suggestions but one thing, I take it that you have a large plastic sheet under your mother covering the whole bed. In this way, if the worst happens, at least the bed, sheets and mattress will remain dry. Edit,added........... This might be a silly thought but garden centres sell ver...
I have had a Tunstall emergency call system installed for my wife in case something happened to me. She has the little sensor carried on her at all times.. When pressed the call centre can speak to her in the living room where it is installed and she can speak to them. My problem is that if she is i...
jenny lucas wrote:I find tuning my little analogue radio to Classic FM provides me with all the music I need!! :)
Plus all the sloppy adverts and silly presentation voices. :lol:

Radio 3 has no adverts.
Voices are very slightly more intelligent . :)
If she wanders off whilst cooking or showering maybe a simple lock
on the door to the room she is in ?