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My wife, who is fragile, uses a Zimmer frame. When she gets into the passenger seat of our car we put shiny plastic sheet on the seat so she can slide across easily. This is standard practice. But to get her sliding in we turn the Zimmer frame sideways. Our frame, as most other makes, has a low leve...
[quote="Denis_1610By doing this you will enjoy more light but will still save a lot of electricity and replace your lamps very, very infrequently.[/quote] Of course, if one uses electricity to heat a room in the winter then the filament type lamp will add to the heat and so the room thermostat will ...
Diane, you may like to have a look at this site for disabled dating. Among the very long list of disabilities one can enter is, Caring . http://www.disableddating4u.co.uk/?utm_source=g&utm_campaign=ddating_uk&utm_term=dating%20disabled&gclid=Cj0KEQjwzpfHBRC1iIaL78Ol-eIBEiQAdZPVKjDl2PHyF3t1QrgAMlH-M8...
Near Ashby del la Zouch. But born and bred a
East End Londoner.

Bred? Well, dragged up. :lol:
Thanks all for suggestions. The lower light seems to illuminate the room OK. I guess I prefer filament lights as they seem to give a softer yellowish light, although new lights can simulate this. Although a better ladder may help there is so much at stake for my wife if I ever fell of any ladder. Be...
Albert, if I am still having to care for my husband when I get to your age, I think I will need carers to look after me as well!! Yes, that is my worry at 84. We have no children or near relatives so I keep my fingers crossed, (no arthritis in them so far :lol: ), that I will be able to carry on ca...
Irene_1509 wrote:71
Hello junior. :lol:
One problem I increasingly face is replacing light bulbs up at high level. As one gets on, climbing up step ladders with no one to steady them becomes risky. I prefer using the old type filament light bulbs. So on some of my house high level lamps I have fitted an extension using a lamp plug, about ...
jenny lucas wrote:Albert - I think you win the prize hands down!
O wonderful. I am quite surprised to see I am the oldest.
What is the prize?....a Zimmer frame? :lol:
I wonder how old the oldest carer here is?
I care for my wife and I am coming up to 84.

........"I don't have a care in the World." :lol: