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I don't know how old your mother is but here's my different take on what I did. My wife had a dread of getting dementia, so when she got it herself I was between a rock and that other place! She had already been to hospitals many times with ulcers and ARMD visits for eye injections and check ups. Al...
I had a phone call today to ask me how I found the services of the funeral home we used, 2 weeks ago. The girl on the phone was pleasant enough, but it was all so insincere. She was obviously from some call centre or main branch and it took me by surprise. She asked if I would leave a review of my ...
RE vetting......….I just hope that they
recall that Jimmy Saville was a hospital volunteer.
Hi Ian, If your Mum has advanced Alzheimer's and dementia, it's unlikely she will recall the conversation a short while later. She will probably ask each visit when she is going home, use what Pet66 calls kind lies and say something like, "Soon, Mum," and change the topic or "later," or "when the d...
I've set up a little shrine to my late wife. On her favourite chair I have put one of her dairies she used to write. Her photo, coat and jumper she wore before she died. A book she wrote and a wooden doll she was given when a little girl. Oh, and not forgetting her make up bag. It gives me some comf...
Criminal abuse is not only physical abuse but mental abuse as well.
Your nan will not have much recyclable rubbish so just have a
single landfill bin. I'm sure the council would understand.
Eventually, with dementia, I'm afraid that photos or labelling would not help.
The output from solar panels degrades each year.
Most are down to 90% rated output after about 10 years. One make is 85%.
Hope he took the cloth off before tucking in.
Maybe a reward system put in place would help.

Tell her she can have a piece of her favourite cake etc or 10p if she only uses
a small amount of toilet paper each time.