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Absolutely. The shambles cost thousands of lives...……and more to come.
Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being/s without intent of doing so, either expressed or implied.
"Boozing before Schooling. " Boris's new mantra?
Jeremy Vine did a really informative graphic on how badly our Government have handled this. Cheltenham Races going ahead is the stand out along with Crufts. But the real jaw dropper for me was the Liverpool against Atletico Madrid game going ahead on the 11th March, when thousands of Spanish suppor...
I too watch the briefings, have done so since the start. I am watching those curves of deaths, awaiting for them to start to rise again after recent premature and too much unlocking. at once. Boris is like Trump. Too late to lock, too quick to unlock. Thousands of lives lost. I thought at the time w...
All power to you for keeping you Mum safe. You might want to consider taking a test. This will give you some reassurance. Obviously if you have also been self isolating or shielding. Bear in mind that if you take a test and you are found to be OK, you could catch the virus the day after the test et...
There's a council notice on the only toilet in Ashby which is shut.
Among other things it says," Sorry for the inconvenience."
But you can't go, IN the CONVENIENCE." :)
Look at the packed crowds demonstrating in London today.
The crowds on the beaches so far.
The sunny weather tomorrow.
I wonder what the bookmaker's odds are on a second wave?

How many more scientists also think of this danger but are keeping their heads below the
public parapet and remain silent?
Would any sane person actually be willing to sit on a public toilet in the knowledge maybe a hundred people had used it before them, maybe two at least had Covid-19? I'd rather wet myself. This is why public toilets are closed.... I never sat on a public toilet seat even before Covid, I cannot imag...
In the past if I went to a place without toilets I took a plastic container with a good close fitting lid
with me. Sat in the car and did it in that. I labelled it, 'Pee soup.'
If I try to contact various places, like National Savings etc I never get an answer, just told to wait. I know that everywhere is short staffed but I do wonder if some firms' employees who should be answering the phone are taking this virus as an excuse to put their feet up and ignore phone calls. M...