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As this stocking was first hung up on 21 Dec 2019 (start of this thread,)
it's getting smelly now and needs a wash. :lol:
I never shop out. Food is delivered to me each week and I monitor my blood pressure and sugar levels at home.
Never have visitors either.

That is why I am hesitant in having the vaccine. How many in the trial were my age, 87. ???
If few, as i think, then I become a guinea pig. No thanks!
Melly1 wrote:
Wed Nov 25, 2020 9:33 pm

I think it will be tough on folk like S and I, who won't be seeing family. We usually see friends around the main event

I spend every Xmas on my own now as I have no family. I don't find it tough.
It's all a question of mental attitude to life.
The way to stay safe is for everyone who wishes to meet to self isolate themselves 2 weeks before Xmas.
In this way everyone is then free of the virus.
A cheap (non smart )mobile phone can be set to fast dial. All she has to do is press a single button and other mobile will ring.
My wife and I had one each to warn each other by a single button press
Although at my age I would be offered the vaccine, as I lead a very solitary life I will not have it
in case of nasty reactions. When it's well tried and tested on the population I might have it then.
Yes, yes, give them a firm cut off date when you will stop caring..
It may sound cruel but it's really kinder for him AND you in the long run.
With dementia, it will only get worse and worse as time passes..
My wife was the same. Never knew what she had and as she had a great dread of getting it I
never told her she had it !
I've registered as they may wish to see if the over 85's crock out taking it :lol:
Will they ever open again? Covid has changed the way many people operate now. Working from home will become the new norm for many, so doctors may take this new way of ta;lking to patients without seeing many of them as the new norm for them too. Even before covid our doctors only wished to talk to y...