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That's unfair as it was spelt correctly further on in the letter.
Just a typo error. You ought to read letters right through carefully.

Anyway, in any case, I do not see what a mis spell has to do with
whether one is a good carer or not.
Dementia destroys the memory, from forgetting they wrote a letter to
not knowing who or what you are.
Yes, you have to make the first move. Talk to them about them and not too
much, me, me, me.
Folk like to hear others take an interest in them. It's the
way we are all wired. :)
'Rapidly progressive dementia' (RPD) exists, this term is generally used to refer to cases with significant and progressive cognitive impairment that occurs over weeks or months.
Depends on what age and what sickness mum has. If it's any form of
dementia it will certainly get progressively worse and her care needs will
The old adage of, "Save up for a rainy day," is becoming truer
by the day than it ever it was.
Save up through life for cost of a care home, unless you can be certain that
you will never need to go into one ! :lol:
Elderly people loose their sense of thirst and so may become dehydrated.
Bear this in mind if she drinks little.
Swearing just shows lack of vocabulary.
I swear that this is so. :)
I don't know your mother's age but with a tendency to fall maybe
time to see a doctor for an osteoporosis check, just in case.
Haven't listened to myself today. Kept telling myself to get out, but didn't go. Looking at the door, really wishing hubby would walk through. How ridiculous of me, of course he isn't going to. That's not ridiculous at all. I sometimes look at my wife's favourite chair thinking that that she may be...