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The rate of Covid is not dropping and the daily death rates for this week so far, are
not going down compared with last weeks.
Once the pubs open etc the second wave will sweep in. Betcha.
If you can afford it, perhaps you get a carer to come and sit with him every fortnight
for an hour whilst you go shopping. That would cost about £20 per fortnight.
To my surprise after all the demonstrations recently we are now at level 3.
If your blood pressure of 215/126 was measured by a GP who did nothing about it he should be reported.
to the medical council. It needs to be brought down immediately..
Covid , it's only given to those on Oxygen or Ventilator. It does not benefit anyone else with Covid.
Those with severe lung infection sometimes their immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body.
Dex helps prevent this in some patients and saves their life.
I've tried both. Not over keen on either. Maybe Wiltshire has the edge.
will the uk goverment take any notice of this warning ? NO

second wave ? YES
Absolutely. The shambles cost thousands of lives...……and more to come.
Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being/s without intent of doing so, either expressed or implied.
"Boozing before Schooling. " Boris's new mantra?
Jeremy Vine did a really informative graphic on how badly our Government have handled this. Cheltenham Races going ahead is the stand out along with Crufts. But the real jaw dropper for me was the Liverpool against Atletico Madrid game going ahead on the 11th March, when thousands of Spanish suppor...