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<t>Sort of doing well as far as getting organised but not so good mentally.<br/> For example I went to meet a couple of friends for coffee this morning and didnt want to come back !!!! Felt like driving of to god knows where......But I did come back of course !!<br/> I am finding I am not sleeping s...
I have arranged to have a carers assessement...within 2 weeks so happy enough and the social worker was very nice and helpful Image
Will do !!!
I have already sorted out to have a carers assessment done.
Sharing does help... Image
Thank you.I have done this and found a support group in my area. I have also been advised to get a carers assessement carried out. So will make a few phonecalls shortly.
I am appreciating the support already from you all.
I am so glad I decided to join.
Thanks. Image
<t>Hi Robert,<br/> Yes we do have social services. I have a care package..someone comes in the morning to get her up, washed and dressed and then again at night to put her to bed. I dont really need the night visit but it is handy in case I do go out. The girls are great and Mum is very fond of them...
Thanks !!! Image
I live in Northern Ireland. Does anyone know anything about respite care ? I was against this idea but now I think Mum might actually enjoy it and I really feel I need a break.
<t>Hi,<br/> I have been looking after my mum since the end of August...she had a stroke..bleed in brain in June. I am so thrilled she recovered and was able to come home but now I am feeling bad for missing my old life. Its such routine and although she is aware of this and is very grateful I hate f...