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Good to hear from you Iain and I'm pleased to hear things have settled for you.
We all have bad days as carers. I just keep telling myself "if I'm going to get Dad's house, I'm going to have to earn it". Well it's not as if I can say to him "Hurry Up", can I?
What a strange way of looking at things. Image
I just got this message when I posted the one above
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But clearly the post still worked, so don;t be alarmed if you see it.
I saw it too. Image
I keep getting notifications saying that I have a private message. Image

Sadly when I click on the link there is no private message Image
<t>I think the workhouse is just around the corner no matter who is voted in.<br/> <br/> Of course it will be called something different but essentially it will be a workhouse.<br/> <br/> The country is going to the dogs when we seem to pay out money for a war and help other countries stuggling with...
I wonder has anyone heard from Iain and how things went for him?

Sue, I'm with you when it comes to family and friends. Some are just not worth the stress.
I will sign and put it on my forum too as well as facebook later. x


I have already signed and it is already on my forum from some time ago.

So all done. Image
thanks for the concern pixie I have the crisi line in front of me, I promised my self I will at least try hang on until the interview under caution on Thursday. if that goes realy bad and they prosecute for not informing them then I am out of here there is no way they are sending me to jail as a th...
In that case Iain you need to get some help right now. The Samaritans are always there to help as well as to listen.

Please call them Iain.
Hi Pxie Yes, your only down the road from me, as for my caring duties, its on hold for now, I will just visit him make sure hes ok and come home, I am in no fit state for anything anymore. Thanks again That is exactly what you need to do Iain. Make YOU a priority now. http://www.carersuk.org/images...