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<t>Hi Amy,<br/> <br/> I have a problem everytime I take my husbands repeat prescriptions to the Doctors, they are supposed to do a 48hr service with a collect & delivery from the chemist & you can guarantte they get it wrong everytime. I now have been waiting 6 days for my husbands prescript...
Hi Everyone,

I've just signed up & sent my message to Gordon Brown well done Matt!!
Take care Deb x
<t>Hi, <br/> <br/> I can't say I've much experience but I was reading your posting & my husband suffers with PTSD<br/> & Endoginus depression & I myself suffer with epilepsy so here goes!<br/> If I was you I would either try welfare right or at the hospital they should have a mental heal...
Hi I've been posting for a while now & I would just like to know if there is any other carers out there who care for a loved one with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, & Endoginus depression that means they have suffered with depression since childhood,also severe anxiety. I would be grateful for any ...
Hi Jon, I really don't know how you & your wife are coping at this moment in time, I've been reading all the postings & my heart goes out to you all including your son. If it was my child I would feel just the same way you do so keep on fighting & please let us know of any progress with the BBC. Tak...
Hi Tony,
Great letter everything you have wrote is true!
Hope you get a reply
Keep us posted!!! Deb x Image
Hi Judith,

Just like to welcome you to the forum!
I'm sorry I don't have any information for you but just wanted to say Hi!
Take care Deb x
I've been reading the views expressed by some of the carers & though some maybe seen as controversial,I think they are only expressing themselves out of love devotion for the people they care for. As for the young Girl I have a Prayer my Gran used to tell me! There are four corners around my bed eve...
That's great news I will keep my fingers crossed for you both!
Take care Deb x
Hi Maryann,

Thanks for the welcome I look forward to sharing the forum with everybody... Image