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Been trying to fill my time but memories of Mum, Dad and my big sister aren't far away. Happy times now carried in my mind and heart.
Just caught up with your story, Steph. Sending big hugs.
I took pads to the local Age UK day centre. They always come in handy!
There's a saying: 'you should take a dog for a walk every day, whether you have one or not'.
You've come to the right place Natalie. Lots of lovely people here. It's not the same as seeing friends but it reminds you that you are not alone.
Sending hugs, SheWolf. It's not easy seeing a life sliding away when you've known how vibrant that person has been. Experiencing this with my parents I came to an understanding about how the spirit of the person you once knew leaves the body behind, and then the body slowly closes down. Someone told...
Have you tried Age UK? They used to collect my dad to visit the day centre once a week. It got him out of the house, gave him time with others doing activities, reading or having a chat, hot meal and snacks. They even had a little shop with toiletries, sweets, birthday cards etc. It gave him things ...
I'm really pleased to hear that Big Bear.
Big hugs!
Time to put yourself first. Let the home look after your mum while you look after you.
Hi Libby I just want to add to what has been said by adding to my earlier comment. You need help from your doctor. He/she has provided you with ADs for a reason. Yes, they take a few weeks to kick but the difference when you are on them will far outway the hassle of starting them. ADs act as a shiel...