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Realistically, that's £14 a day for his bed and full board, laundry, cleaning, personal care and anything else I've missed. You won't find a nursing home charging that rate. Your proposed increase takes it to around £20 a day. Still a bargain.
Suggest you put this to your sister.
With both of my parents, I spend the last days playing music I knew they liked. I hope it helped them both to pass over more peacefully.
It's not just the state pension but everything that goes with it...like bus passes etc.
So glad it went well. Strange things, funerals, but somehow very necessary emotionally.
The next stage of getting back to a changed reality is possibly the most difficult. Keep carrying those tissues and expect those emotions to come at you out of the blue.
Big hugs.
Suggest you check that they take dementia as well - some don't.
I've bypassed family hierarchy with my choice of NOK and gone for my youngest nephew. Well, I couldn't really see my helicoptering sister in the role!! :lol:
It's worth considering the longer term too and how needs might change. My dad was in a home classed as residential and nursing. Their charges were on a four point rising scale, reflecting the level of care that was needed.
Melly, I agree with your interpretation. The PoA papers require that the person concerned has the mental capacity to understand what PoA involves and this has to be validated by a non-family member - in my dad's case, the solicitor. This is why it's important to have PoA in place well before any hin...
Henrietta's points have reminded me that Kent have a similar scheme. You wou be logged on a system and have an emergency card to state that you are a carer. A lifeline would also require a keysafe with the number being available to emergency services if necessary. I'd suggest going back to a (differ...
In addition to She Wolf's comments, I'd add that the continuity of nursing staff and care workers allows the caree to build relationships. My dad hated the intrusion of strangers in his home and I think I'd feel the same. In the care home, he talked with the staff and they got to know him as a perso...