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I got my mum a doorbell for when she was in bed and dad was around the house. He clipped the mobile ringer box to his trouser belt.
Hi Sally and welcome to the forum. PoA is about acting in the best interests of the individual, ideally through discussion this with the person concerned. Are you able to discuss it with your mum or is the dementia too far advanced? Also, are you the only one who will inherent? Do you know what's in...
Hi Sarah Welcome to the forum. Following up from Bowlingbun's comments, I've been on both sides of the fence. I've helped students get through their degree issues and have had to ask for help with my own studies while caring. I'm just coming to the end of some studies I started in 2006! It sounds as...
I agree, Anne. I remember hearing Hilary Devey (woman from dragons den) being interviewed. She'd made a mint, been ruthless, divorced a couple of times and had no children. She had a stroke and said the only blessing was that she had enough money for private care, as in her approach to life she'd dr...
That's great!
It's amazing how recently women have become (more!) equal in society. Voting for all women only came in during my mum's lifetime.
Don't throw them away! British heart foundation take electrical items of all kinds - they do them up for sale.
Free cycle is good for giving things away to people who want them.
This is brilliant - it needs to come to the UK too!
http://diply.com/funniest-craziest/arti ... rking-spot
Big smiles for Big Bear!
:D :D :D :D :D
IT makes complete sense. I also remember how stressful the situation was when I stayed with my dad or had him at mine. He fell at night several times when I was there and as soon as I heard him moving I was on tenterhooks. You're right. On top of the day shift, doing the night shift as well is very ...
Eun, I think personal circumstances make a big difference to how we see things. Mine come from seeing my sister go downhill with MS...though it was cancer that eventually killed her. My understanding is that assisted dying in the different countries that offer it is only ever based on personal choic...