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Well done. I thought two 999s in two days was enough, but two in a day is impressive. What's the chance of getting the same paramedics back?
I remember those days - sending hugs.
Scally, your circumstances are very different to Irene's. Respite was needed for her as the day to day caring was becoming overwhelming. Irene, I hope the few days that you had were of help to you. Please don't feel guilty for taking some space for yourself. Let your husband know that no matter how ...
Yes, I think I have caught the 'sting in the tail' that MoneyExpert describes. :evil:
Same year, December.
I suspect it's not just the retirement date but some of the detail that wasn't highlighted sufficiently. I went online the other day to get a statement of my new state pension so I've an idea what I can claim in 2023 (rather than 2017!). I've got 38 years of NI but was told I wasn't at the maximum!!...
This one worked! :D
The person with PoA for health has signed up to act in the best interests of the individual. Ideally this is negotiated with the individual but, if they lack mental capacity, then it's down to the PoA. Doctors don't suggest surgery unless there is good reason and it was in the interests of the patie...
I remember the solicitor who did mine saying they were very pernickety... :(
Please make sure their schools/colleges know the situation too so they can support the children.
Welcome from me too, Pamela. One of the most difficult things about caring for elderly parents is the change of roles you go through. The tables turn as you become the adult in the relationship and have to make the decisions, or at least do the research and work through the options before steering t...