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I have heard of dementia patients living for 20years although believe it's rare. I can't say any one being almost normal? Only going on residents at my late husband's nursing home, in that they all declined, some much more slowly than others.
Can you have a chat to the Alzheimer's society?
I'm fed up too. Although I have my bubble family and see them regularly. Thank goodness. I was beginning to adjust to losing hubby, and made a plan to go away, just for 2days. Never thought I would do that. Snatched away. Miss hubby terribly but as stated was adjusting and coping. My weight has incr...
Sorry to hear that.
Do you feel like sharing, or is it too painful, personal?
Feel for you regardless.
Hello and welcome Dementia is very cruel. My late husband had Vascular dementia and other health issues. Was in a nursing home. He had a time of wanting to be home, but didn't know our address! I used to pacify and tell him the doctor needs to check his health before can discharge him. Tried not to ...
Well done John!! Am so very pleased for you both. Try and relax and be kind to yourself. Very much deserved.
It is extremely sad David. People shouldn't assume but unfortunately some do. I see a much bigger person in the mirror than my family and friends do. My daughter's never talk weight with their friends. Talking weight causes anxiety. As a yo yo dieter I know that only too well. Wish I knew how to hel...
Have a look at the green Goddess exercises. She is 81. I do some ( sometimes!!) You can pick out what you feel you can cope with and tone down if needed. May be worth a look.
Peter I have a treasured memory very similar. Hubby and myself sat on his bed in the assessment centre, very quietly holding hands. Were watching a holiday programme. He said we will go their for our anniversary. Of course I agreed, knowing it would never be. Still think of it often. I thought he ha...
I'm now in a better position than lots. However, my patience is at an all time low. I'm not an impatient person. Has to muster up every scrap of patience when my husband became ill. Anything can wind me up at the moment.
They possibly will imply that your mum's needs are now managed. Tried that with my late hubby. Look carefully and work out what needs aren't managed completely, like sudden aggression, etc.