Hi Sue
No you have no need to feel quilty. That's what he wants. Allow yourself to feel sad that the relationship is no longer worth the effort. Not your fault, and you are entitled, worth a good life for yourself.
One vote for video over text!!
The video was easy to follow.
Chris, I did read it with great interest. Apologies for not responding to you. I will be surprised if others haven't read it.
I know you spend lots of time scouring, and attaching articles of interest and help
What a roller coaster day. Attended the funeral of one of the residents. 3rd one now sadly. The husband of the last funeral kindly attended with me. Very emotional for us both. The man whose wife it was today looked so very frail, had to be helped by 2 of his family. She had Alzheimer's for quite a ...
Amazing achievement Sajehar. I too have been working on my garden. Absolutely nothing acheived like you have!! Inspirational. Glad you are back, missed you. I've put a bird feeder up. So far the birds do not seem interested? My sister assured me they will eventually. Her daughter has one and it took...
Hi Sheila. Welcome
My lovely husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. He is 73 , I'm 68. Very sad, and miss the person he was very much.
The forum is non judgemental, and I hope you find it as supportive as I do.
Hello Nathaniel
Would you like to tell us a little of your situation.?
Hello Linda Just to reassure you. My husband has DOLs in place.This is the 3rd. Appears to be renewed each year.I have no concerns, as it's for his safety and well-being. However, I am always informed when a renewal is going to take place, have a copy of the assessment, and, a courtesy call. Hubby i...
Hello Jun_ It's me that should be welcoming you, and I do! I've been with the forum since March 2016, and it's been a massive support to me. I hope you find it is too. Sadly, my husband won't recover.He is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. A long emotional goodbye. Thank yo...