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But I was wrong...?
My Mother has Normal Pressure Hydrochepalus, and entered the dementia phase 18 months or so ago. She started off one morning demanding to know who's house we were in, and it got worse from there. She also has an underlying mental health issue that I think is Histrionic Personality Disorder or Narcis...
<t>A few years ago a man who was caring for his parents shot and killed both of them, then shot and killed himself.<br/> <br/> The news was no greeted with cries of "how dare he!!!" but "I'm not surprised that happened, t'is only a pity he killed himself"<br/> <br/> People were very sympathetic to t...

Matthew Perry?
Lorenzo's Oil
Do,or do not,there is no `try`.

as spoken by Yoda, to Luke, on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back

(I'm such a geek!!!)
<t>There were supposed to be such workshops being set up in Ireland a few years ago, then the Recession hit and all funding was withdrawn. I was supposed to be attending a local one...<br/> <br/> I think there are still workshops, but you have to pay for them, and I don't have any current details fo...
<t>I'm fortunate in that the Home here (state run) is excellent, and has been upgraded in the last 20 years to include specialist wards for Dementia patients, and I have no qualms about "dumping" my mother there every two months for Respite. Nor will I have a problem "dumping" her there permanently ...
I was carer to both of my parents, my dad passed away a couple or years ago and I'm still caring for my Mother.

There's a vague possibility that I may have to take in an elderly aunt too in the not too distant future...