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No, Mrs Excalibur pockets the lot ... I am entirely 100% benefit free and it feels pretty good.
That's just playing with words.

Your immediate Family are in receipt of benefits, so you'r not benefit free. You sound like a politician.
Many carers can work, and so can many people with disabilities
I agree many can, but not all can!
Trouble is politicians use us and the disabled to help the economy, when this stops, is when we will be treated properly.
Trouble is there is not enough new money coming into the system, that's why the country's broke. Labour put more money into the system then it could afford. They should have concentrated on creating proper jobs that actually create wealth for the country and not pretend jobs.
<t>On paper I can create full time employment for myself and claim Tax credits of £70 per week and only work part time and keep CA. Morally it’s dubious.<br/> <br/> All I have to do is find a part-time job paying less then £95 per week, and then register self employed. This will put me in a posi...
That's why we are in trouble, its not creating any wealth.
When we use respite to free up our time to go out and work, we create jobs not just for us but also for the carers we employ, thereby creating more wealth overall. Its the economy, subject to laws of its own; it's not about being virtuous, its about bartering and exchange. Excalibur Hows this creat...
<t>When I was in your situation, I contacted various Government departments and went to CAB for advice. Same questions to all of them and got different answers. I was totally confused.<br/> <br/> Then I found Carers UK and phoned there helpline, They were the only ones that advised me correctly. The...
Like you say the devil will be in the detail, I must admit I'm getting confused. I do believe they'll be coming after people in under occupied social housing regardless.
<t>Boggle<br/> <br/> The LHA rate in my area is £103 per week for a one bedroom property increasing for each extra bedroom.<br/> <br/> I live in a 3 bedroom property with my Wife (Kids left home). Because of this we would be only entitled to LHA for a one bedroom property, Our rent is £100 per wee...