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Love to see the list of restrictions! It does sound a bit like that wonderful interview in Mrs Doubtfire! Does anyone remember it? And also the wonderful phrase "the computer says no"

We are now definitely entrenched in the world of Jobsworth.
Hi Maureen Really sympathise with you - it is a tough call . I look after my daughter who has RRMS and I am torn between guilt and caring for myself . We all need a break to recharge our batteries. It can be something small like meeting a friend for coffee or even a once a week class. - yoga, painti...
My daughter is waiting for an NHS assessment for a power wheelchair. This seems to be taking forever and even when she has been seen it may take weeks to get a wheel chair. She would like to buy a lightweight folding one but they are fairly pricey. Does anyone know if the NHS would contribute toward...
Hi Pollyana Dont know too much about assisted living but does your daughter go to a day-care facility? Would the Autistic Society have any booklets on planning for this or someone at the end of a helpline who could give advice. I also look after an adult daughter with MS who lives with us - it is im...
Hi Colin Well that happened to my daughter awhile ago as she had a fall and paramedics referred her. SS did call about a week later and had a short chat with her. She stated that she could do with some help once or twice a week. They told her they would contact her about an assessment and that was t...
I don't even have to deal with "helicopter relatives" just annoying "clucking" from people saying to me " oh you are amazing " or " I don't know how you manage" etc etc . They think that if the make the right noises that is all the help we need ! It is totally irritating and I would rather plod on w...
Hi Charm
I am so impressed at your tenacity. Teresa May should appoint you as Social Care Tsar! It must be so frustrating for you to have these battles all the time on top of caring for your son.

Well done , keep crusading and keep us posted

Best wishes

Hi Cosmo

Not sure where you live but are there any Care Agencies in your area? Failing that you could always advertise on Gumtree. I found 2 really good carers in the past although you have to be rigorous with checking references and CRB.

Best of luck

Very frustrating. I get the impression that SS have been told to make things difficult and complicated and we will all just give up and not bother to claim. My daughter was told as she wasn't an emergency no one would be available to assess her for several weeks. But then they know that she is livin...
Hi Judi

Hope each day Is bringing you a bit more strength and sunshine and when you go to Antibes send my regards. Not sure of your dates but you may be there when they have the Jazz Festival in Juan Les Pins. Worth a visit !

I have sent you a PM. Do let me know what you think.

Best regards