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Aldi do some really nice ready meals and are very reasonable. The ones my Mum has range for around £2.00- £4.00.They are not delivered to your door but worth it I think. Obviously you can freeze them but they come chilled.Shes had- lasagne, cottage pie, chicken stew and dumplings, a chicken dinner e...
I'd ask the hospital patient liaison service and your bank in Canada. Surely they will be able to advise you better than us on a U.K forum?
I'd either play for time till your 60, by cancelling meetings, rearranging, saying your ill etc, need more information or I'd be pushing to have your Mum home with carers support.
Last thing you want is to end up having to sell the house and becoming homeless.
Hi All,I bought my Mum a foot spa from Argos for Christmas and she has just used it with some bath/foot soak salts. She really likes it and said the her feet feel a lot better. Thanks for recommending this Bowling bun.
Hi Ashley, What I would do is ask at your Council one stop shop about the council tax. Where I live carers are disregarded for council tax purposes. So they don't have to pay anything. I don't know if all councils operate the same, so you are best asking them. Also regarding homes and inheritance ta...
You have to think about yourself as well as him.I'd be looking at separating from him and then talking if his behaviour improved.No one should be having to put up with him how he is at the moment. Depressed people can get very angry its not all being withdrawn and sad etc.I'd be telling him straight...
Look on the entitled to website for your exact circumstances and it will tell you what you should be applying for. If you get confused or your having difficulty applying then the council one stop shops or the CAB/Welfare rights will help you and ensure your applying for the right benefit.
I honestly think you should'nt have her back in the house OP, you have enough concerns to go to her agency/the council and you and your father shouldn't be subject to any further abuse.You don't need to be collecting evidence against her you are not the Police.
Please ring up tomorrow and report her.
The carer needs to be finished, reported and struck off. Please ring her employer either now or first thing on Monday morning and tell her supervisor everything you have said here. The Council need to send someone else and your Dad shouldn't be giving any top ups. Tell the supervisor shes not allowe...
Has she got a bath? if she has then she could sit in that for a while and it would soften the poo then she could just shower her bottom. It sounds very unpleasant for you.