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great idea - maybe a clip on green light - will get on it !


Hi All - my mother who is 87 and with parkinsons is fairly switched on and able to use commode in the daytime but on waking at night gets confused and has urinated in various different locations around her flat. Commode is right next to bed. She has only just moved in so might adjust but anyone got ...
Hi BB - yes them ultimately buying it seems to be the consensus - many thanks for yr input :D
Thanks for the replies. We decided to buy the flat as we had the cash and they would have found it hard to cope with the stress of having to sell their house first and they need to move ASAP. As pointed out, this leaves them with the cash from eventually selling their house. The choice is now 1. reg...
Parents mid / late 80s - Mum limited mobility Dad increasingly so. Current house unsuitable even with mods. Live 4 hrs away hence moving them closer as having to spend increasingly longer periods of time driving over. Both keen to move closer to us. Have POA. Over 46k savings They are def moving so ...
Thanks for the reply - the question is I suppose whether paying rent or paying back a loan could be seen as a deliberate DOA ?
Thankyou so much for the replies bball and Denis - I must apologise - I have only just seen them. Things have moved on since then - I have started a new thread on the financial section as there are some issues with the potential solution.

Best wishes

I am in the fortunate position of being able to buy my elderly increasingly infirm parents a flat in a wardened complex near me. The plan is to move them in first and then sell their house when they have moved out to avoid the stress of having to decorate it etc when they are in situ. We are buying ...
Need to move parents near me fairly rapidly as health declining and they are over 3 hrs away , current house becoming unsuitable. Looking at retirement flat type thing bringing in carers. Will.probably need to invoke POA to sort out their finances. Should be able to sell house but maybe not quickly ...