She does not meet the criteria to go into a home,her wishes are to be at home
Different carers everyday new carers not doing as they should either not just the ones from old company,it's hell and I feel so ill
Going to let the carers do what they want
Sorry your birthday did not go as planned happy 50th birthday,my hubby was 50 on sat x
No just my mental health is deteriorating fast
Care company started on Wednesday made a complaint first day and also second day,no excuse as its same care workers from last time what have left the other company and gone working for the ones we are trying now
Feeling so unwell
Harsh as it is it's nothing to do with your daughter from what you have said your mum is of sound mind so no problem and as she says it's her money,keep proof of statements and mini statements keep proof of anything your mum spends in a folder so there is no come back on you I case your daughter spe...
15 months told social worker care company can’t cover calls had a meeting with care company and social worker yesterday and was told by care company don’t know if we can cover calls,I am stressed depressed and have broken will know more next week.
15 months ago we had careers for mother inlaw, they was in and out in six mins spent more time writing in the book,it was a case of making sure meds and she had eaten and leave a drink and snack on each call,rang and rang had meetings we saw they was in and out an investigation took place all my con...