Thanks very much.

take care.
Hi all, not sure if this is posted in the right place but does anyone know of any carers support or social groups in the london area.
just wanted somewhere to meet others and chat now and again, as you all know it cant get a bit lonely.

rabbits and iguanas never yawn

<t>Hello Terry, even if it means your partner has to be admitted to hospital you must go back to your g p and insist that your local mental health team visit her at home.<br/> you need to focus on the children and you can't do this if you become ill due to the stress.<br/> When my wife became ill i ...
<t>Hi everyone, i have been a member for some time but have found it difficult to post on here before. I have been caring for my wife. who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia nearly 10yrs ago. and there have been many difficulties but i have found the loss of the woman i married and the feelin...
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