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Rachel_1908 wrote:
Sun Jun 07, 2020 7:25 pm
Hi anyone who lives in Nottingham area does anyone have any experience/review of residential care of Nottingham Brain Injury and Neurological Care Centre based in Hucknall please? Thanks
You could always go there and get the low down for yourself, by asking carers and patients there.
Moonlight wrote:
Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:07 am
Besides home exchanges or transfers, are there other more urgent ways
that you can be moved?
I cant think of any,maybe find a care home and have patient move there, but i think you have covered that.
I think the most important one is Carer’s Allowance
I suppose the best thing to do is have something important in writing or in an email. We should never take something at face value. We should have some sort of proof of something that was said if it is important.
That is very weird, everything you have said is weird. Like not being able to sit with the vulnerable patient and the fact she has tried 20 different medications. The best thing the doctor should be doing is not changing medications so often, its not good. Sometimes the medication takes time to work...
I suppose you will have to comply with the medical team, usually they know what is best. Although i think you should raise your concerns with the people involved and get the feel of why they feel that way. You dont need to make a complaint, this is something that can be dealt with on site.
Morning. Would like people's opinion: What do you think are the benefits of self employed PA versus using company care Agency? Particularly interested in personal experience good and bad as I am weighing up the two options for Direct Payment. And is it a big pain employing someone with all the chec...
Hi Hope everyone is coping okay in this current situation. I could do with some advice please. I'm sure most of you will have had the same problem. I live with my mum, she's 92, fully aware of what's going on around her, still active which is great. However, to her 'dark' means 'cold'. It's current...
Sorry to hear that, i hope you recover from the stress. Do what you enjoy doing and always make time for yourself and your needs. I wish you the best of luck always.
My 95year old Mum has recently been in and out of hospital with chest and bladder infections .She was sent home prematurely and was readmitted the next day. In fact her doctor called for the ambulance. Mum has a palliative care nurse but she hasn't played an active role so far. The latest hospital ...