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Would love to know your first name.....keep writing bowlingbun,your positivity is a rare quality these days,been through so much yet your willing to help others.ive been through a lot myself (partner dying/loss of partner) being honest I’ve had given up.ian
I know,sometimes lives just bigger picture,I wish i asked for help sooner,it’s good I can relate to someone that understands.maybe for years I’ve pushed people away subconsciously in my life,friends/partner.i don’t think you can have a normal social life and be a full time Carer ian
Yes you have hit the nail on the head bowlinbun,very very humbling to here your story,makes me realise others have been through mill.very positive responses to my story.is suppose deep down I’m scared a will always feel like this.its hard to express to people who don’t understand how i feel.sorry to...
Thanks bowlingbun.ive phone about Carers assessment form 21/9/2020.i need to help myself as well,being to proud will not work..... people on here are willing to listen and help.i suppose in a rut,nice to think others think of me. Ian thanks
Thanks sunny disposition, you have hit the nail on head,have become more reclusive now (partly down to Covid 19).need help,no good me being to proud. Thanks ian
Thanks for your kind words and support gloudygal,it must be hard and differcult for you(but rewarding) dad was in hospital and then residential care home for about 3 weeks over Xmas.it did give me a break.split up with partner over 2 years now.i can understand why friends and partner drift away.but ...
My name is Ian iam 53 single now I look after my 93 year old father. Lately finding it hard to cope(not easy looking after old people) friends/partner seem to drift away(I understand) would look to hear from others in similar postion as me.i know the majority are young cares%70.feels every day is Gr...
Hi Helen. Ian from sland,hope things improve for you soon,I’m a Carer for my 93 year old father.i just take one day at a time(if that helps. Ian x
Yes you health will suffer,I’m not the type to ask for help,that’s why iam on here to help myself. Ian 15/9/2020
Hello,I look after my dad who lives with me,I know what you are going through on a daily basis,he 93 iam 54 ian