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Hi,Ian 54, being a career for a long time now(both mother and father should have been in (residential care/home) years ago,mother died 5 years ago.my opinion......sounds selfish........passing the buck,best off in care.old people know how to pull at your heart strings.be strong mate.ian
Hi,we all know how you feel,I’m looking after my 93 year old father(I’m 54 now).never really had a social life in years(friends/partner seem to drift away) .my problem is ,I’m always frightened to o ask for for help.you will meet some nice people on here,hope 2021 is a better year. Ian x
100% right,being a career is the hardest job in the world.the emotional struggle never seems to end,thanks to all in here for kind words/support. Ian 6/10/2020
Yes,it can get lonely for everyone,you will get fantastic supporters in here,don’t be frightened to ask.we know how you feel. Ian
Hello Elizabeth.......your not wonder women(you will get help and support in here(best advice I can give you,but your own happiness first(sounds selfish I know) how would others cope if you couldn’t?.if this helps,I’ve always put others needs over my own(people please) be strong ian
Hi Linda very similar to you... my dad should have been in care years ago,it’s been a nightmare for me as well.never ever feel guilty if your parent has to go into care.(my problem is I’ve been a people pleaser for most of my life) my dad is nearly 94. i feel quilty putting own needs over others.i n...
Thanks. If you ever fancy /chat,iam a good listener.a problem shared! Ian😊
Thanks for your kind words(cloudygal) I live from day to day now.hopefully thinks will improve for both of us.ian
Thanks Emily,yes life is never easy,I’m so used to it now,sounds horrible(he should have been in home/residential care years ago) friends/partner seem to drift away(I understand)caught between a rock and hard place. Ian
Hello Costa,it’s normal to feel this way,life for any one is a struggle (are you a people pleaser?or do you put others needs above your own?)start putting you own happiness first.hope this helps Ian