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Ayjay..What a turtle!Were you trying to post this in the bread baking thread?
I have a soft spot for turtles and tortoises(my friend sent me a turtle brooch for this very reason)and love how when turtles hatch they have to find their own way and learn to swim.
Can somebody please clarify who made the final decision to discharge so many patients to care homes?When I last looked online their wasn't much on it
Lamb is one of my favourites although I prefer the shoulder.Am suddenly longing for roast lamb and mint sauce.

I hope people continue to be kind to each other after this unusual time is over but I have my doubts.Let's make the best of it.
I can understand the arguments for kids going back to school,parents needing to get back to work etc but I think it is too much too soon.Also think the publics faith in our goverment is quite low right now so not sure people will feel confident to send their kids back to school based on their advice...
I still have a CD player..I even took it with me to the home when I lived there.I think it is nice to play CD's sometimes although I play music online as much.
Think as there was a period in my life where I was too unwell to do much I appreciate music more now.
Penny,that was a lovely idea.Such a shame it couldn't happen.

I saw something on the news with this home that has some kind of glass building where people can speak to their relatives.Not quite the same as talking to them properly but at least they can see you upclose.
Is really messed up what happend with the care homes.You can have nightmares when you read some of the statistics. I think in hospitals the doctors are answerable to some of the managers so under pressure to discharge patients to free up beds etc and were probably more so during that time.Not that t...
An anonymous person left some GF self raising flour on our doorstep for S and we have no idea who it was. Thank you, if it was YOU! Melly1 Melly,that is so cool.I hope you're both going to make some fantastic cakes with it:) I hope someone leaves me some anonymous gifts.A box of Marks and Spencers ...
Ooh..Waitrose seem to do some nice stuff.We don't have one that close to us but I remember they do quality food.
Think there's a lot of confused members of the public right now. Am really surprised by the announcement Boris made on sunday about some people returning to work etc.The language of the goverment since lockdown has been so cautious and they have been quite cagey about their plans for the future and ...