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Welcome and hello!

Can you tell us a bit more about mom? What is the nature of her impairment, is it a physical or cognitive one? Is she on any benefits or not?

What kind of support are you getting?
Hello. Welcome to the board. Ask for a referral to a specialist. They should be able to do more tests to figure out the best course of action. Make a short list of questions to ask. I also recommend keeping a diary of her symptoms. I used to write down whatever symptom my caree had in a notebook and...

What sort of things do you need help with? How old is your caree? Tell us a bit more about her as well.
Thank you. I’m a Functional Skills Math teacher at a local community college yet this is way harder than teaching adults to pass basic maths. To help me stay sane and keep busy, I paint pine cones I find when I’m not busy doing marking or report writing. I also care for my brother with open defect s...
Hello! On Thursday I went to a farmer’s market to get some more fruit. I took my cared for with me in his wheelchair. I also have a laminated set of flashcards in my bag that explains a little bit about spina bifida too and answers often asked questions. Will that work or not? I made it myself one d...
Hello and welcome!

Ask the care home staff to distract her. Perhaps you could talk to her on the phone instead?
Hello and welcome! I think that the NAS, national autism society might be able to help your family. Call on Monday or email tomorrow. Also talk to his current school to see if they can help. Is he known to social services or not? If so, they should have already done a needs assessment. Is she claimi...
Any update?