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Hello What type of seizures does he have? I know that there is epilepsy action UK, you could always contact them for some moral support, information and advice. Or take a look at their website https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/treatment. Try to identify any seizure triggers if possible. Ask him to ta...
Hello and welcome.

Does he have a physiotherapist or not?
I received a grocery box yesterday from a friend who lives in the same building. She dropped it off sometime during the afternoon when I was busy. It was full of fresh fruit like tomatoes etc from the farmer market. My other good friend who lives in another part of town came by in her car earlier th...
Hello and welcome!

I know that you might not like to read this but I think that you have done all that you can. Is there anyone else who can help or not?
Words fail me.
Hello and welcome! I recommend going ahead with the clinic appointment. Is there a way to make the appointment or not and then tell her? It seems like she could potentially benefit from the appointment. But do not lie as that makes things more difficult for you. Best of luck! Ask your general practi...
I finished at five pm today This is what I did this week so far Prepare the meals with help Order more medication for my brother and a new bath seat for the baby Fill out a tedious long neverending DLA form for Francesca about her disability (will send it tomorrow via secure delivery) Teach my broth...
I am going to bed. I fall asleep when my baby sleeps.
Today we played poker this afternoon and I spoke with a horse trainer. Last night I tuned into my favorite radio station and participated in a relaxing virtual Bible study lesson as well. I am also going on a spiritual retreat post lockdown.