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Pet66 wrote:
Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:48 pm
Thara and Connor
Julia posted on the 7th September 19, and didn't return. Not sure if you realise, and maybe I shouldn't point this out? Am sure the mods will explain if I shouldn't.
Oops sorry. I didn't check the date.
Hello and welcome! Tell her that because of her bad behaviour you will only be signposting her to resources that is all. Nothing more nothing less. This is not gambling however but more a case of a ill advised attempt to try to get back on the right track. Make a concrete plan regarding her other op...
Hello and welcome! Who are the items for? You can buy most household supplies at popular high street shops like Wilko. Alternatively you can also get in contact with the DLF to see if they stock any household aids that might be useful for your cared for person. Look at their website, email or call i...
Hello and welcome! I care for my little brother. No cognitive issues as far as I can tell but he has mobility problems coupled with an atypical bladder and bilateral clubfeet too. He is now three years old. We are about to start looking at respite care for him on a part time basis. Feel free to talk...
This is my list of topics I think that I would ask them a few questions about adaptive equipment and how and where to find it. They could publish a helpful booklet on adaptive equipment and also provides useful advice and tips to families etc as well. Again a site may be useful here. Another topic t...
Hello and welcome!

There is only one live in care agency that operates in the southeast called Agincare. You can find all the essential details on this website https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-5507601358.
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Hello and welcome! What about getting a personal alarm? There are lots of home security products which are available these days. Make sure to check out the reviews carefully and if possible request a product demonstration as well. Do not hesitate to ask questions either. On Monday morning email or c...
Thank you

This is only a option however if the person in question is of sound mind and can communicate and work independently. Most people with disabilities are not of sound mind however. But you also need to take the personality of the carer into account too. Some frankly are unfit.
Hello and welcome

Have you considered a care home for her or not?