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Hi Nicola

If your friend would like to discuss this with an advisor they could call the helpline on 0808 808 7777.

Or email on advice@carersuk.org

Best wishes

Hello Lily, welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to read about your situation. I'm sure there are many on here who will identify with you and offer further support but meanwhile, have a look at our practical support pages for advice on care and support: https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice/practic...
Hello all As someone who struggles with crochet I'm always impressed by it! Couple of good sites I can recommend for knitting/crochet/sewing - https://www.ravelry.com/account/login thousands of free patterns for knitting and crocheting and a really nice online community https://thefoldline.com/ - th...
Hi Karen, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you're struggling, you're situation doesn't sound at all easy. Have you checked through our support pages? there's lots of information there on what you may be entitled to and support for you as a carer: https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice It might ...
Hello Steven

Sorry to hear about your situation, have you contacted our information and support service? They'll be able to help you with this

email - advice@carersuk.org
or phone - 0808 808 7777

Best wishes

Hello June . This is an especially difficult time for carers who are looking after people that don't live with them with extra concerns re infection Have you or your Mother received a letter from the NHS? if so you can register for additional support here - www.gov.uk/cornonavirus-extremely-vulnerab...
Hello Kevin Sorry to hear about your struggles looking after your Nan, you are obviously a very caring and considerate Grandson. Along with the other advice you've been given on here, I would suggest you make sure you're doing all you can for your own mental health and well being at this time. Have ...
Hello Anthony and welcome to Carers UK forum I'm sorry your Mum is having such a hard time with her health and that caring for her is tough on you too. Being a carer for someone with complex needs can be very draining and it's important that you keep yourself in the best health you can while you are...