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I’ve spoken with the GP and then the OT at the hospital, Physio is on his way. They will assess her and her home and are thinking carers three times a day and adjustments/additions to the bed so she can get in on her own. I have told everyone I am not staying there tonight, including Mum! Once the c...
Thank you bowlingbun, it’s not me expecting too much then! I’m on it all tomorrow.
My mum, aged 83, had a knee replacement on Wednesday at an out of our area NHS treatment centre. Nurses rang me the next day to say did I know she was forgetful and difficult, well yes I do and I’ve been working to try to get her to see her GP about it, as I’ve brought it to the GP’s attention, but ...
Can I actually take control away from her like that? I think that might be a step too far at the moment, but thank you.
I’ve already put all the poa info, my passport and I’d in my bag ready to go there tomorrow, thank you for the tip. I did find them helpful when I set up the poa, but this might need moving faster.
Thank you both, that’s really helpful. I didn’t realise that the banks would have a duty of care to that degree. Very much appreciated.
Hi Melly, it’s registered with the bank but she has capacity so I cannot stop. I know that she doesn’t really understand money like she once did and I’m worried that there’s nothing to stop her sending all her money to him. It’s a worry.
My mum is wanting to lend (give) money to a person in another country that she is quite obsessed with. She has met this person a few times, he is younger than me, she has known the family for years, and went on holiday there a couple of years where this person was absolutely the best thing in the wo...
Thereafter , very much a case of trial and error ?

So fingers crossed and hope they are okay 😳
I’m not at the stage where I need to yet, but how do you find the right person/people? There are a few groups near to mum but how can you tell it’s the right one?!