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Thanks Chris, Mum gets PIP and Dad gets AA. Tammie ... benefits ? ESA : https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance Old names ... unemployment benfit / job seekers allowance. If Carers Allowance cannot be claimed ... no PIP or Attengance Allowance paid to a parent ( ? ) ... that's your first ste...
It's kind of a thing I haven't thought about because it's all pretty scary. I flat out wouldn't be able to afford the bills. PLEASE contact the council asap and find out whether they will give you any right to stay in the house once mum and dad don't live there any more. Sadly, we have had a number ...
What's ESA, I haven't heard of that one. All these letters are hard to work out sometimes :)

So should I apply for Universal Credit too, or not? Once I have a date I can contact the benefits people again and I'll ask about that ESA to see if it applies.
Hello again, I'm not sure what I want apart from to feel better. I don't want to work in retail anymore, that's for sure. But with my health it would be unwise for me to land that on a potential employer. Right now I have flexibility to leave when necessary, which I try not to let happen unless abso...
Thanks for the replies Chris From The Gulag and bowlingbun!

It's not really a subject we've talked about much, if we did it would be Mum not Dad. Mum would discuss it with Dad when I wasn't at home. I think Mum has all that in order but not so much Dad. As for the Council, I really don't know.
I'm tagging along here because I'm about to be in this boat. I'm told I can claim UC and CA once I quit work (that's straight from the benefits folks who cover the area I live in). I earn too much right now for CA (by about 4 hours a week but can't drop those hours because it'll affect my redundancy...
Hello MrsA :) Thank you also for the lovely welcome! I'm going to be 36 in a few weeks. Mum is 67, Dad 87. I live with them (always have), they rent from the local Council. Well, redundancy sounds simple. We don't have a date as to when things are changing so everything is up in the air. I'm due one...
Melly1 wrote:
Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:02 pm
Hi Tammie,
Welcome to the forum - so glad you found us. I hope you find it supportive and friendly.

Bit short of time just now, as my caree needs me.

Others will be along tomorrow I'm sure to welcome you and offer advice.

Hi Melly1, thank you for the lovely welcome! :)
Hello everyone :) I just found you guys after searching for a carer's forum. I kinda wish I'd done this sooner, didn't realise anything like this was out there. I tend to ramble with intros so I'll do my best to keep this short, lol. :) I care for my parents, have done for quite some time now. I cur...