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All my friends and family believe it doesn't exist yet they believe DLA and PIP exist.

When I showed them the council letter they believe me then. I'm so proud of myself and thankful to God for this it makes a huge difference to our lives and lifts the burden off carers and cared for imo.
Hi, Just wanted a chin up to those fighting the councils to get a direct payment budget for those who deserve it. Its been 875 days of waiting since I first requested an assessment for my mother to finally get a direct payment finance approved. They stated you need a unique own bank account in a sol...
They bin letters and cover it calling it a technical error/admin error and they get away with it if the apologise as its seen as an aknowledgement that the ombusman accept as resonable! Also, they dont notify you or an admin error delaying everything. The do it on purpose so you stop contacting them.
The cheif executive of SW wrote to me on the 16th May 2019 to reject alteration of my brothers budget because of my carers assessment conflicted with it. He stated around August 2019 a new assessment would be done. Just a few days ago the ombudsman told me the Cheif Executive new asssesment request ...
So, after 2 1/2 years the ombudsman made its decision about my brother personal budget. The ombudsman sided with the council and there reasons for rejection. The main one was I CHOOSE TO DISENGAGE in services! the ombudsman couldnt even bother to look at the SAR documents that I did contact them sev...
I was reading this has the care act been temporarily suspended?

https://www.communitycare.co.uk/2020/09 ... ue-winter/
They do contact the councils apparantly. Just had my reply after 9 months!
The mobility companies are a rip off. A standard bathroom usually costs £3-4K max A wetroom shouldnt be more than £5-6K I got quotes of £13.5/£11.8/9.5K! We did get a VAT exemption of about £2k with one company but they raise the price then reduce it so its not really a reduction! We have decided to...
Anyone been through this process? I understand if you qualify under certain medical and mobilitiy reasons you can get upto £30-40K for a new complete mobility bathroom?

Occupational Therapy from the council decide.