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I hope it wouldn't effect it but i'm looking at it similar to the benefit system where 1 benefit can effect other benefits. I remember I had a carers assessment when advised, but should of used my own discretion and had it later after putting my brothers DP through as it conflicted and they used my ...
I requested for 63 hours per week i thought i would at least get 35-40 hours they only give 14 hours in total. The social worker said she doesn't deal with the support plan its the council run agency who deal with the support plan so maybe its them that can negotiate with the council to make adjustm...
I got told everyone gets 14 hours. 10 hours for personal care and 4 hours social? And the pay should be £12.40 per hour max?
It will be through an agency as they have payroll and training available.
I thought they were supposed to give 10% extra due to the panademic era? Maybe only some councils adopted it?
Has anyone been down this road?

I'm dithering if I should make a backdated claim as they have approved my mothers budget, however my brothers budget is in limbo and I feel if i do make a case they will stop my mothers budget as theres a pending legal claim?
Do you have to have reasons why you are changing? Can they refuse?
During the Coronavirus pandemic, family carers had lots of questions about how Direct Payments could be used. Key professionals from Oxfordshire County Council's Adult Social Care Team joined OxFSN for a Q & A session where family carers were able to get some of their questions answered. https://www...
Has anyone managed to change their carer on the agreement form?
Is it possible once the council give you a set figure. Depending on the wages of the PA the higher the wage they ask for the lower number of hours you will get in care.