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Pipsy It's not unusual to not have a support plan. I think it cuts work out to not do one. Obviously they should be done. But we have a needs assessment and direct payment money but no physical support plan I cant complain though.. Local Authority been surprisingly good at this end. Really, i rathe...
Can anyone add to this list is my understand on what you can use DP for? What direct payments are used for? Personal Support – employing a personal care assistance, support worker, carer related or non-related, cleaner, gardener, transport costs (petrol), taxi, looking after a pet, respite care (tim...
Yes, calculated it should but they have paid us without a support plan in place maybe its a temporary amount until we decide, but it seems unusual? Would someone a company give you a budget before having a business plan agreed? Or give you the money upfront and then yous decide what yous want to do ...
Am i right in saying that a support plan needs to be agreed before a budget or budget estimation should be given to give the user an idea on how much money they have and rules what they can spend it on?
The social worker refused it as they gave us a grant 15 years ago!
Is this allowed? What about other adaption in the house? Another toilet room in the cloakroom?
The social worker has already told us verbally like food and clothing is not permitted nor a ticket for a 14 day cruise.

I think they have given us agency fees to pay for payroll and insurance and replacement care.
We have just received our first cash sum lump of direct payment after a 2.5 year wait! I was told a support plan needs to be agreed before any payment would be made. I've just checked the all pay account which shows a 4 figure credit to my astonishment. I've not received a letter or phone call for c...
I told her to put her fathers need in writing and to describe the help required like an examination like pip and esa applications e.g. steps to property, disability aids.
Care was provided? You mean a budget to hire a private carer?

I have a friend who is trying to apply for her father they asked her can he put food in a microwave rather than asked what help does he need. She felt intimidated by the SW like he can do everything for himself when he clearly cant.